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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.


Just finished can canning round the room, not!
Been busy tidying up bungalow etc, Dave's telling me off as we speak as he's concerned I'll do too much and make all conditions worse. Had trouble with computer and couldn't log on sorry if I got you concerned.
Getting used to not having catheter in but the recording and measuring is a bit of a drag, get sudden pain though which can knock me for 6 so bit up and down. Back seems to want to get in on the act now, perhaps it's concerned I've forgotten it :-)
Hope we can stick to 1 post as well as it gets a bit complicated otherwise.
Let me know if I'm going wrong, you have loads more experience at this than me, I am a newbie :-)
Emotions up and down was really down last 2 days after counselling, they want me to work on relationship with parents, as they think it's linked to the kids issue.Not good news as relationship is complicated, aren't they all with families :-(
Feeling a bit better today though, more upbeat but still in pain.
Take care
Elaine xx