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Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

The problem with sticking with one board is if your talking relationships it goes on one board, if you talking bladder it's on another, vit. and supplements another board. So, we have to play by the rules and do what ever we need to do to stay on the board. Just reply to one at a time to make it easier on yourself.

I'm sure your having trouble now and then with the no catheter thing. At least it's not all the time. Now the back is acting up too! Fun....NOT. As far as not being able to log on and worrying about me, don't, I'm a pretty patient person, I know you'll write when you can. You need to relax as much as possible, it's hard to do when your in pain and you finally feel like you can move. I do know that much. I almost get this anxious feeling when in extreme pain, have to be doing something which isn't the way to handle it at all. Force your self to rest if you have to, it gets your muscles more relaxed that way. Maybe then your back will calm down a bit. Does Dave give back rubs?

Hey I've had some counseling myself in the past, might want to find a board for that too??? I don't mind being here for you, anytime you need me just say the word. Direct me to where ever on here. I ordered some of that enzyme, probably be in next week, I'm going to use it for my plaque in my veins. Have a doctors appointment to check the ole cholesterol and High Blood pressure next week. Not looking forward to that bill either. Nothing is free for me.

I think I found out why my blood pressure is high though. I've been taking a fiber that has licorice root in it for about 6yrs, it will make you retain water and have a bit of a high pressure reading, got some different stuff to take now. Hope it works.

I can't hardly keep my eyes open past 7pm the last few days, might have to hit the hay soon, might be all that wind we have been having. It forces the air up into your

Take care, love hearing how your doing when you get the chance. Diana

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