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Smile Re: im scared to death i have als please help help!!!!!!

you dont have als. my late father had als. u would have more symptoms than twitching. i agree with the others here that any good Dr. would know that and would also know other things (medication,etc...) that can cause twitching such as yours. i would consider changing Drs however, he may be sending you for your peace of mind because you didnt believe him when he told you you didnt have als. Maybe he wants you to see you have no worries? i would go ahead and go to the specialist because they will not turn you away if there is ANY doubt in their minds.That way you can put your mind at ease. I have anxiety and an ongoing problem with depression and I do know that some medication for both anxiety and depression can absolutely cause twitching. You didnt mention any meds but if you are taking any please keep that in mind ok? take care! : )