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Do I have Schizophrenia?

Hi Everybody,

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I have been seeing a Psychiatrist.
I went to a new Psychiatrist last Monday July 14th, and he thinks that I have Schizophrenia. I am constantly seeing things, and I hear voices too. I am seeing things right now while I am typing in this thread. When I hear voices, alot of times I talk to them when nobody is around. I am on medication but the Psychiatrist that I went to on Monday didn't change the doses on my medication because he was afraid that it make my OCD and my Schizophrenia worse. He thinks that I have a mild case of Schizophrenia.

You see I go from these periods where my OCD is totally under control, and my other problem isn't. I can't go back to the Psychiatrist that I went on Monday because he can't help me. So I have to find another Psychiatrist who can prescribe my medication, and I am seeing a counselor for my OCD.

Also I am having a hard time thinking clearly because of the seeing things and hearing voices. Also I have suicide thoughts alot, I feel I am having a hard time taking care of myself again. The Psychiatrist that I went to on Monday, told me that I have OCD and Schizophrenia. I was diagnosed with OCD in 2003. I have been seeing things and hearing voices since 4 years ago.

Also my mom took me to the ER at a Hospital in June of last year, and the ER Psychiatrist told me that I have Schizophrenia. I almost got admitted to the Hospital, but I didn't. So two Psychiatrist's have diagnosed me with having Schizophrenia. My mom doesn't think that I have Schizophrenia, I told her about how I feel. I will be seeing a new Psychiatrist soon, right now my counselor is referring me to see one. My counselor said that the new Psychiatrist will give me a diagnosis by doing some test's on me. Also alot of times, I have a hard time trying to act normal in public. Also when I was really bad last year, my mom told me that I had cut marks on my arms.

Anyway I've read about Schizophrenia, and I do have some of the symptoms. But I don't know what kind of Schizophrenia that I have. Also alot of times,
I am afraid to leave the house, and when I go for a walk I have to look over my shoulder to make sure that nobody is following me. I am afraid that somebody might come to get me. I feel that way too, I have been feeling way since last year.

So do I have Schizophrenia? Can anybody help me? Please help me.

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