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Re: Sjogrens and Osteoporosis?

Hi, ladies! I'm here, too!

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's when I was about 45, eight or so years ago. The endo I saw at the time didn't put me on thyroid hormone because my TSH level was "fine".

In March 2001, at age 45, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and put on appropriate meds. Five months later, the month I turned 46, my periods came to a sudden halt. I was put on HRT at that time. I have been off the hormones for about a month, now that I am almost 53.

In 2001 I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after years of being symptomatic, but ignored by my doctors because my TSH was "fine".

About one month ago I was diagnosed with Sjogrens, based on a positive SS-A, ANA, and a slightly elevated RF--and symptoms of dry eyes and mouth, joint pain, and fatigue. My ANA level has been mildly elevated for 15 years or so.

On the autoimmune front, I also have mild myasthenia gravis and vitiligo.

Among the three of us there does appear to be a pattern of coexisting SS and osteo, and Hashi's as well, for osteo and me. Patricia, have you ever had your thyroid antibodies tested? I would bet a quarter that you have Hashi's, even if your TSH level is "fine".

Who knows what to make of all of this?