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Re: Empty Nester, Menopause, and Depression

Hi there. A lot of what you said rang bells with me too. This last year has been pretty awful for me. My youngest child left home to live with her partner, I was medically retired from my job after 27 years and I am rushing hormonally into the menopause. Most days I suffer from the most awful depression and at the moment the only reason I have to get up is to take my wonderful terrier dog for his walks.

About 9 months ago I was referred for assessment to a wonderful social worker and I have been seeing her ever snce but all good things must end I suppose and as she is a short erm worker and has seen me beyond her remit she has ended our contact and I have no where else to go for support. I was supposed to be having psychotherapy to deal with issues from childhood but the therapist says I am too vulnerable to undergo therapy without other forms of support and I cannot get other forms of support if I have psychotherapy. Meanwhile I take anti depressants, sleeping tablets, tranquilisers, medication for diabetes and folic acid. If you picked me up I would rattle but none of it seems to help. I miss the contact with my social worker so much and feel so rejected by her as she has been the only person I have trusted ever to tell my whole story too and now ......nothing.

Hope there's someone out there listening/reading. I posted on another board but there was no one to respond. Just made me feel lonlier.