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Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Thanks Countrywife!!

Yes your right there is HOPE out there.

I have my bad days just like everyone, but the first things I think of when having a bad day is no longer about what I can put into my body to alter the way I feel so I don't have to feel. What a huge gift of life that is!
Thanks for the kind words about the pain and health issues. It is hard to be spiritual when your in pain, but I do the best I can.
I am mostly hanging out on the Pain Management forum, but if you ever need support and want to find me and do not see me here...please feel free to come over there and ask me to meet you here.
I for sure have a lot going on with my health these days and I have been sad a lot. When I made the post here I remembered how grateful I really am to be a sober person.
I wish you all the best