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Re: PFAPA -what?

My daughter was just diagnosied about 2 months ago with PFAPA. Her fevers started around 10 mo. old she is now 8 1/2. When she started we just noticed the fevers every month as she got older she would double over with stomach painabout 2. When she could talk she started complaining about knee head and eye pain , sore throat( white spots on back of throat), swollen glands,she would also vomit with each episode fevers would get as high as 105 . Fevers would last about 4 days then she would be fine the rest of the month. Latley she has been complaing of headaches everyday so we are looking in to that( might bethe Nasonex?) We have been to alot of Doctors and through alot of antibiotics and strep throat tests which were always negative. There is alot of Doctors out there that never heard of this syndrome. He has her on Prednesone during her fevers last month was her first dose.It seemed to help, Im expecting her to get a fever soon so I will see what it does this month. Reading these Health Boards there seems to be a lot of cases the doctor said there was only about 200 reported in the U.S.