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Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?

How you doing these days blue? I know you have company this summer and have been fighting a flare in your fanny. I've been quiet for the last few days, seems there is so much to do. I started physical therapy for my neck and shoulders on Thur.. You know how fibro loves those areas at least on me. I try to work them out myself with the exercises I already know, but the physical therapist just has that magical touch.

It has been a long hot day here, and the heat just wipes me out. Tomorrow we will go to the nursing home and celebrate Miraclemans 69th birthday. His actual birthday was last Tues., but we couldn't get it all together until Sun.. So we will take a cake and bring him more Cardinals Baseball 'stuff' and sing and celebrate with him one more year. It will only be just our immediate family, the aunt and cousins couldn't make it this year. His aunt is 78yrs. old and would have to drive in from the country, much too long of a drive for her. Her children usually bring her but they have their lives and other scheduled events and time didn't work out this year.

You know who I have been thinking about lately. Godsgirl....Julie, wasn't she and Nat getting married at the end of June? I hope all has worked out for them, they are such a young sweet couple. They should be gearing up and heading back to college soon.

Hope you are feeling better, it is late and I fear I am not making good sentences I am so tired. Just had to check in here though cause it seems I have been awol for a while. I'm going to start getting a busy schedule again soon, with PT and all. I'm going to have to make lists again so I get 'most of it done'....I never get it all done. Coming here though is a must, it is the best therapy.


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