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Re: Looking for surgeon to remove Pituitary Tumor

Look for those that say "fully endoscopic" technique. Those that say microscopic or sometimes plain transphenoidal, you may not be able to tell what they do, but you can look at the doctor's websites and usually that will feature their particular expertise.
Jho in Pittsburgh only does it through the nose. McCutcheon at MD Anderson may or may not - but he did surgery for a couple of friends of mine and they are both happy.
What really tells is experience, frequency of complications, experience with your type of tumor (Cushing's are gooey, harder to remove at times, macroadenomas tend to wrap around the carotids so you really want someone who has done a lot of them if you have a biggie).
Some types of lesions are just plain difficult. I had a hyperplasia - so while my surgeon did a great job in preserving my pituitary function all around, my Cushing's came back as just one cell left behind was going to just grow grow grow. I m panhypopit from losing the rest of the organs to disease.
Look at websites, talk to people at the office, ask to talk to patients, ask about numbers, ask a lot of questions.
Ask about packing, lumbar drains in advance for CSF leaks (not a fan), ICU stays or not, etc.
I hope this helps.

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