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Re: Hi to all bladder probs.


I can understand why your confused because it really dosent make since. So that makes two of us!

I'm guessing the "Underactive bladder" is caused by the fact your bladder doesn't contract hard enough to empty totaly, so that would be a reason for the retention.
What doesn't make since to me is how can you have a "Bladder outlet obstruction" issue but have no problems going pee. Bladder outlet obstruction would involve a problem with the urethra itself whether its a "stricture"(narrowing) or scar tissue buildup or something of that sort which could also cause retention BUT you would have trouble going pee. So that part is confusing to me as well.

I also don't quite understand the fact #1 that your having incontenence issues if your truly have an obstruction, it doesn't make since that you wet yourself if there is an obstruction.
#2 Plus the fact they are considering a tvt procedure when you have Underactive bladder. I would think this would put you at great risk to not be able to pee at all(because of the underactive bladder),adding a sling to that could make it impossible for your bladder to contract hard enough to enable you to pee at all with the added tvt sling. Just MY opinion of course.

I have been self cathing for almost 11 years now. My bladder has NO function, it doesn't contract at all. In order for us to be able to pee, our bladders have to contract. The NERVE is what controls the bladders ability to contract and at what force. If there are nerve issues(damage, pressure on the nerve ect..) then it can make things malfunction, not contract hard enough, or not at all.

I would highly recommend you get copies of the testing you have had. Have you ever had Urodynamic studies done? This would diagnose the real issues your dealing with. If so, I suggest you get copies of those as well. The only way you can be a good advocate for yourself is to KNOW what issues your dealing with and to understand them. With the information you have given here not making since to you(and me for that matter)there's no way you can make a well informed decision so YOU Can choose what will benefit you the most. In MY opinion of course.

I do wish you the best.
Take care, and God bless.