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Re: Hi blue, how's the fanny fibro?

Yeah, I have to do the special posts for you. I wonder how you are doing and I don't like to jump in on other peoples posts. You know.....and how is your fanny doing blue?....not really cool. I have thought of you so much with the news of the fires in Ca. and wondered how they were effecting you. Also wondered if they had pushed you out of your home. Glad to hear you are still safe but sorry you have to suffer with the smoke.

You don't have to tell me about the mri's. Oh, my how they make me tighten up and stiffen up. I just can't lay flat on a hard surface and worst of all I think is laying still. I hope results came out OK.

Glad to hear you are having fun with the family. It makes everything else seem so much easier when you have family and you have so much extended family. You are one very blessed lady and you deserve it, for sharing like you do with others.

I hate when I have a long really great post, you know the ones that just come together and you get everything explained or all the info you have organized and then it disappears. I never go back and try it again. I just say something simple or forget it all together. Take care of yourself, hope you get the aches and owies worked out. I had a few minutes to read a little out of my fibro book and boy do I fit the profile. Reading little bits about our pain and what may or may not be happening depending on the person of course. It does put things in perspective.

I am sure Julie is one happy and busy young lady these days. I am sure she will be back to share with us when she can. Here's hoping golden is doing well also and Linda, haven't heard from her in a while. I think bilij checks in every so often. I have a busy day tomorrow and we have storms coming tonight. Hang in there with the root canal, send that fibro to Mo. and I'll put it out in the heat and humidity that will weaken it's thunder.