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Re: Hi old friend and hello new friends!! Been awhile since I posted here! Just chec

Hey Bad girl,

Thanks for the reply! I am actually not on workers comp anymore. The Comp stuff was for an arm injury. Right after getting aff all the meds from the arm injury ( I never abused them but still had to taper off).

So basically in July of 2007 I was just awaiting to have my rating of disability on my arm done in Aug of 2007. Unfortunately on July th 10th 2007...while waiting for the rating, I was in this car accident and injured my neck. SO I traded the Comp injury for my arm for the neck injury and a lawsuit. Not what I expected!

I was so devasted to have been shoved right back into the pain cycle and Pian management and all the stuff that come with a serious injury. In August the workers comp case closed and I went on and on untill now with the neck injury.

I swear there is just no way to explain how I stay sober other than I keep a close contact with my higher power to keep my spiritual self in check. I look back at everything that I have gone through over the lst 4 years and I know in my heart of hearts that I was not the only one that carried me through. All my 12 step friends and keeping the faith and trust in the 12 step process along with my daily repreive from the spiritaul fittness and I have managed thus far to keep it together with out relapsing.

I actually found this board before my car accident and neck injury. I came onto the board while in the process of detoxing my body off all the medications they had me on for the arm. I learned that even though a person does not abuse the pain medications their body still is so accustomed to having them that the body will still go through a physical detox.

At least I did not have my head telling me that if I took more pain meds I would feel better. I am sure that was a God thing too. I really do despise them. I am now and have been back on them since around the end of July 2007 and I know that if the injury to my neck gets better I will again go through the process of detoxing my body.

I hope there are some lurkers out there reading that will see there is another way of life then being in the throws of a nasty addiction to whatever your Drug of choice may be.
Every day that goes by that I am clean and sober gets an A in my grade book. No matter how hard the day or discourageing, how painfull long as I am sober I am good.