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Scared of getting skin cancer

Hi all, I started tanning at a tanning salon back in May. I been going mostly once a week, sometimes once every 10-14 days. On one occasion I went twice in one week which wasnít very smart. I knew there is a risk of skin cancer if you really OVER did it with the tanning and I did not know you can die from it until I read a story about it in the paper. Now I am terrified. I am constantly checking my body for signs of anything. I had a little red bump on my nose yesterday that was so small I had to go up close to the mirror to really notice it, I scraped it off as I thought it was probably a sweat bump but now Im worried that it could be BCC. I am really losing my mind worrying.

I stopped tanning all together. I didnít feel like I was abusing my sessions as I tried to spread them out, I was not tanning multiple times a week for a pro long period. I am tan but not really dark and none of the sessions really burned me badly, but from what I understand one session can put you at risk or so. Iíve gotten sun burns in the past but I do not have a history of getting consistent sun burns, the last bad sunburn I got was 6 years ago, the last time I tannned at the salon multiple times was 3 years ago. Iíve gone years in a row without getting burned, Iíve used sun block at the beach the last few years and skin cancer does not run in my family.

All things considered about how high is my risk of possibly getting some form of skin cancer? Also, how long would it take to appear?

Thanks in advance

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