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Re: Scared of getting skin cancer

Originally Posted by annie225 View Post
Hi BigL,

If you are worried you are doing the right thing by seeing your derm. My mother had a few scc on her face, my sister had one on her neck. Myself I have had two. Each one looked different. One was a dark spot that would dry out and itch. The other started out like a pimple and just grew bigger and bigger. It is hard to tell so the best thing is to go to the doctor. I was told by a derm that the damage can be done and the skin cancer not show up for 20 years or more. Try not to worry until you find out if it is skin cancer and let us know.
Thanks annie, my sore is very small but it is itching and burning at times. Gets very irritable in a warm room. Im sure it has to be some form of skin cancer.

What type of procedure did you get for your scc?

Also does getting bcc or scc make you more prone to possibly getting malignant melanoma? That's what im terrified about.

Thanks for the reseponse.

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