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Re: concern for 18 yo stepdaughter with possible PD

BPD is a very complex condition that is often under-recognised, over-diagnosed, misunderstood, gender biased, stigmatised and dreaded by medicos. For this reason, a diagnosis is unlikely to be reached from one visit with either a psychologist or psychiatrist. Of course, there are many reasons why people experience emotional upset, but putting a label on it won't help her feel better. Nevertheless, . . ..
I know there are a number of really great books on BPD. Perhaps you might look into this at your local library.
Some good ones are Lost in the Mirror, Sometimes I Act Crazy, and one that I found most informative is published by Oxford University press called 'Borderline Personality Disorder - the facts', AU: R. Krawitz & W. Jackson.
Give it a go & good luck, and please keep this board informed of your step-daughters progress.
Many thanks, W