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Re: Kidney Cancer Warriors WL

Good Afternoon,

Ellen , you are a great lady. You have been through the journey and yet continue be a support to others. Thank you for that!! Remember we will be here for you also. As the journey will never be over.

Mary Jean, You have such a heart. You are right to have others help. You need to be what you are Stanleys wife. As you are and have been and I am sure will continue to be a care giver too. I praise you for your strength and compassion. We all are here for you as well. For as long as you need.

Nancy, You are family !! Your very welcome here. I know its not a place any of us wanted to meet. However friends do help and your correct it makes you not feel so alone and think your the only one. I had never heard of RCC until dad got diagnosed and now its around every corner.

Jackie and Keith are especially in my prayers and thoughts. Miss u girl.

To all my friends here thoughts and prayers as always.

Dad will see doc on monday and will let you all know whats going on. Had pet scan yesterday. CT tomorrow. I feel it inside things will not be good. He is in more pain and well anxiety is really getting bad. Dont want to jump the gun here. I'll let u all know next week.

A Friend Wendy