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Re: Does Anybody Believe In Fighting Prostate Cancer With Nutrition?

Originally Posted by csyleen View Post
Has there been a study of men with prostate cancer slowing or stopping its growth by taking these supplements? I also read that
( Cell Forte, IP6, Inositol } dramatically boosts the body's natural killer cell activity and immunity.
Yes, there is such research for some of the items, and I like to check what is happening with searches on [url][/url], the site we can use here because it is a Government site. I'll do a search like " vitamin D AND prostate cancer ", then click on the authors lists to get an abstract of the article. But keep in mind that nutrients alone do not seem to be enough to do the whole job, except for perhaps mild cases of prostate cancer. Here's an example:

POMEGRANATE - I forgot this one last night, in part because news about it's helpfulness against prostate cancer is fairly recent - just two years ago in July, but it is a great example of the kind of item that appears to be quite helpful. Like all the elements I listed, the evidence is not conclusive, but it looks good.

The main evidence for pomegranate juice comes from a Phase II clinical trial done by a highly regarded research team at UCLA. They used POM Wonderful pomegranate juice to see what impact it would have on slowing the doubling times of men who had recurrences of prostate cancer after treatment (PSAs of at least .2 and less than 5, Gleasons not exceeding 7).

In simplified terms, what they found was dramatic: where the PSA had been doubling every 15 months on average at the start of the study, with 8 ounces of the juice daily the average rate slowed to a doubling time of every 54 months! Lab tests showed corresponding evidence that the cancer was back on its heels! Think about it: you're recurring after, say, surgery or radiation, and you're worried you need follow-up therapy. You're also worried a bit whether you may not survive. Then you discover a convenient, pleasant, relatively inexpensive way to put the brakes firmly on prostate cancer growth!

That's what happened. At least we think so. It was a Phase II trial, which means it did not involve many patients, and it wasn't randomized with a control group with neither patient nor doctor knowing whether the patient was getting the nutrient being studied (double blind). Also, the study was funded by the POM Wonderful company, which raises the possibility of sponsorship influencing the results, though the research team is known for its excellence, and hopefully there was no influence.

Still, while there is some uncertainty, the results look promising. At least one doctor is reporting that his patients who drink high quality pomegranate juice or take a high quality pomegranate extract are seeing good PSA results. I'm taking two capsules a day, and I'm pleased with how I'm doing; it's possible the capsules are making a key difference, but there's no way for me to be sure. By the way, it appeared that even more juice than 8 ounces would be more effective, but that would involve enough added sugar to possibly contribute to other problems. The researchers considered 8 ounces a reasonable balance of effectiveness and safety.

Here's the citation for the study for anyone interested.
Clin Cancer Res. 2006 Jul 1;12(13):4018-26
Phase II study of pomegranate juice for men with rising prostate-specific antigen following surgery or radiation for prostate cancer.
Pantuck AJ, Leppert JT, Zomorodian N, Aronson W, Hong J, Barnard RJ, Seeram N, Liker H, Wang H, Elashoff R, Heber D, Aviram M, Ignarro L, Belldegrun A.
Department of Urology, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

I can give you leads to research on other nutritional items if you are interested.

About the supplement you mentioned, I don't know about it but checked [url][/url] with this string and got 11 hits: " IP6 AND inositol AND prostate cancer ". (I got a lot more hits when I left off the prostate cancer term. However, when I limited results to clinical trials, even Phase I clinical trials, I got no hits. Research is proceeding, but it appears to be early with only lab and animal studies to date. While there are some encouraging results in those studies, the majority of items that do well in lab and animal studies do not pan out when put through human studies. That said, at least your supplement made it past that first important hurdle.