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Re: Interstitial Cystitis versus bladder infection - HELP

Originally Posted by dinkles View Post
Wow. There is a lot of useful info here. About 20 years ago I had repeated bouts with UTI's (one every week or two) for several years and then fine for a long time. Fast forward 15 years. About 1 1/2 years ago had some symptoms of bladder infection (feeling of still having to go after going and some burning/pain). Went to urologist who put me on an antibiotic and then another antibiotic to no success. Had a cystoscopy which showed cystitis (inflammation). Since that time every once in a while I feel like I am coming down with bladder infection but symptoms disappear so I go on with my life. Last week had the nagging feeling that maybe I had an infection coming on but it went away. Last night I went to the potty and peed and urine had a very strong odor and was cloudy and yellow and it hurt after I went (no during, but after). I have never had urine that smelled like this and was that cloudy. Urologist has called out an antibiotic and pyridium for the pain/burning, etc. I had cultures last year when I was flaring but they came back negative and symptoms eventually went away. This time only getting worse.

Can someone have IC and can it feel this much like a UTI?

Is it true that odor and cloudy urine is a sure sign of bacteria in the urine?

If the culture comes back negative, can this be IC?

The urologist has mentioned the term interstitial cystitis to me before but never officially diagnosed it.