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Re: Interstitial Cystitis versus bladder infection - HELP

Hi, i just came across your site...I too, have interstitial cystitis and yes it does feel like a is a horrible disease and it does not go away. it can go into remission for a while but you have to make sure you don't eat the wrong thing...Things that are a NO No are: Coffee, Caffeine, Tomato Paste, Chocolate, Salt and Pop. If you go to the it is a site for IC patients and it is very helpful. when i have flare ups i have to go get Bladder Instillations and believe me it may be uncomfortable but it helps, as a matter of fact i had to go get one yesterday. but when i feel it coming on if i ate something i shouldn't have..take a hot bath, take tylenol and drink a cup of water with baking soda and rest with a heating pad on your abdomen. If you just have to eat something that you shouldn't...go to Jewels or Walgreens and get should be in the antacid aisle and what that does take it before anymeal that you feel have acid in it and it will take the acid out before it hits the bladder......I have had this for years and never knew it...I always thought it was a UTI and went for antibiotics and they never helped...this is when i found out that it was IC. I hope this help you a little. God Bless