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Re: Does Anybody Believe In Fighting Prostate Cancer With Nutrition?

Jim's comments are well researched and documented. The bottom line is that nutrients help boost the immune system's ability to protect the organism from infections, inflammation,etc. No credible science in human studies exists that proves nutrients can prevent or cure any cancer. Few if any alternative treatments have been shown to cure cancer although desperate people have been driven to them after established medical treatments had run their course.
The NY Times Science Section published an interesting story this week about the process Ted Kennedy employed in deciding to fly down to Duke for radical brain surgery for his aggressive glioblastoma which was contrary to the established treatment protocal of radiation and chemo employed at Mass General and most other cancer centers. His prognosis was about 3-6 months but he opted for very aggressive surgery which in some instances has extended survival by months to a year or two. He also accepted the risk of neurological side effects such as speech impairment or paralysis.The operative term is "aggressive surgery " intended to remove as much tumor as possible in order to extend the effectiveness of the radiation/chemo treatments. Unfortunately nutritional supplements aren't nearly powerful enough by themselves to reverse a disease as aggressive as cancer once its invaded one's tissues,bones, blood or organs.

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