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Questions re: end stages of cirrhosis/what to expect??

Hi everyone,
I often read this board and appreciate the wealth of info available from
people living this nightmare. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with end-stage
liver disease 5+ years ago. She has had multiple esophageal varicies rupture and then banded. She has been on lactulose for one year. She has ultrasound
paracentesis weekly, averaging 5 - 7 liters per visit. Recently they have
increased the frequency of draining to every 4 days, averaging 5 liters
per visit. About one month ago, her amonia levels were so high that she became incoherent and subsequently hospitalized. She came out of the severe confusion but is left with almost zero short term memory.
I was wondering what we can expect going forward? Will she continue to
retain more and more fluid? Her fluid in only in her abdomen, no fluid in arms
and legs at all. How long can someone survive in this condition? Is there
any hope that her memory will improve? She is not a candidate for transplant.
Any info regarding this would be very helpful. Thank you.

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