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Re: Please...need advice!

Originally Posted by Martha H View Post
She will love the pictures, even if unsure who they are. As for cookies, make sure she is eating normal foods first. My Mom was put on a diet of pureed foods because her Alzheimer made her unable to swallow - this was in an advanced stage.

Otherwise, be friendly, smiling (even if you feel teary), happy, upbeat, tell her she looks great, admire the place she is at, and hug her, hold hands. stroke her hands, bring some hand lotion and rub it into her hands, ask her if she would like some nail polish on her nails and give her a manicure if she does .. my daughter gave Mom a manicure 3 months before Mom died, at a stage were little else seemed to interest her, and she loved it.


She is still eating regular foods...thank goodness! Manicure is a terrific idea!!!