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Smile Re: Questions before scan/RAI treatment

Hi Kellie!
I had TT august 6,2207.
When I had my RAI...I FELT nothing. Just swallowed the little pill and hung out in an isolated room for a couple of days. I was told to bring sour candy to suck on...guessing that has something to do with the elmination of the RAI(?)
I also took hot showers a couple of times a day (so I would sweat) while I was in there. And I drank a TON of H2O so that I would have to pee a lot. These things, Im guessing, help reduce your "measurement" so that you can go home.
They came in and "measured" me everyday. Measuring doesnt hurt either...just some "wand" they wave around your body.

Being off Synthroid was the worst part of it. I was SO fatigued I could barely lift my purse!

Good luck and keep us posted on how things went for ya!