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Re: Kidney Cancer Warriors WL

Hello to all
We are still on our journey and things here are ok. At times there is monents where Stan is kind of there with me if that makes sense to anyone. I treasure those times and YES it does give me hope that he will get up and be ok but I also know I need to be realistic.
He is total care and I know how awful this would be for him so every day I tell him it is ok to go if he is ready and that I will be ok. That is all I can do. I HAVE to keep reassuring him but I also know he can see right through me. He can tell , he knows me so well but I keep telling him in the beginning it will so awful but as time goes on it will be tolerable and that he will always be in my heart as I know I will be in his.
I pray all is doing as good as can be expected !!!!
I come to this thread every so often to vent and to see how every else is doing.
God Bless Love Mary Jean