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Re: Cymbalta Withdrawal

Today is a special day, it marks the 2nd week that my friend is off Cymbalta.

The good news and bad news.

Bad news first. There is no good news

The headache is pretty intense still. Lucky, my friend has a new spa
and water therapy 2x daily has helped with the sore muscles, the
second withdrawal symptom, but the headaches can actually get worse
in the spa if you stay in too long, double edge sword here.

Late this week, out of the blue, vomitting. Fine one second, la la la,
then a random barf...... This happend a few times this week. /strange

My friend has very early PMS symptoms that manifested a few days
ago, as if the body chemistry is all wacho.

I wonder how many monkeys died in the lab when tests were done on this
medicine ?