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Re: End Stage Pancreatic cancer, What to expect

My dad, who just turned 65, was diagnosed on July 4th. He was given 8-12 weeks. We are now in week 4. He is very thin, very jaundice, but still very funny, and very accepting of what is happening. He is becoming weaker, eating less and spending more time lying flat (he says this is most comfortable). My dad is committed to dying at home, and our local hospice has been fantastic. I live nearby, so I am able to be with him and mom everyday. This has been a tough progression, but really it's been tougher for the family than for my dad. He keeps telling us how lucky he is to be able to make sure that everything is taken care of before he goes. He has been to his bank, his lawyer, his pension office....he has gone through all the photographs and momentoes and has told us of every detail of how he would like his service. My dad and I have shared moments that I know we never would have, had we not known. It's sad that we inevitably take our loved ones for granted. We all know that we will leave this world one day, and for my dad, he is leaving on his terms. I still breakdown and cry everyday, I will miss him terribly, I'm angry that this is happening now, but I am so thankful that my dad loves us so much that he is making it as easy as possible. I know the days ahead will be rough, watching him decline. I can only hope that it is a quick progression for him.

Try to find something to make you smile helps.
My thoughts and prayers to you during this tough time.