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Hi Janet and Phyllis, I am glad to go see my grandparents but not happy I have to leave my girls for 3 days its just to expensive for them to fly to. Grandma and grandpa are both in there 80s and not that well so I feel like I need to see them soon, they were like my first mom and dad they raised my untill I was 16 and just now in june they move into a retirement house. I am a little scared of the trip but aunt Dawn will be with me, that will make it better. Allways its a little hard for me at the airport because of my brace in the xray machine, some times they just use the wand on me but last Christmas in LA they made me go in a room and I had to take off my brace, they took it away and left me sit there for like 15 minutes, I was sooooo scared, Kevin was with the girls and our bags and I call him on his cell phone and I was crying but finaly they bring my brace back. Good thing was we came real early so we were ok to get to the flight.

Aunt Dawn is very special, she help me sooooo much after my mom died, she is real smart like Kevin, she has a PHD degree and is some kind of consultiant for the government, she lives in VA near Washington DC. Kevin is very exited about taking his masters, he is a little worried because he has'nt been in a class for allmost 3 years but I know he will do great because he is just sooooooo smart. Even with everything that happen, all the problems I had for more than a year after my mom died, and I was in the hospital, and then later we got married sooner then our plans and Amanda was born and still he graduated college with honors in only 3 1/2 years, thats how smart he is. I hope our girls are smart like there dad, I never like school very much, if it was'nt for Kevins help, he was my tutor and thats how I past high school.

I am trying not to get to exited about the house, its still more than 2 months before we move. I dont remember if I told you there is a rec center right down the road with a pool and everything, I hope the girls can get swim lessons if its not to expensive, and its allmost close enought to walk even for me. We dont really have to much to pack and Kevins mom all ready told me she can come over every day to help me after my trip, we will just do a little at a time.

I hope yall are staying cool this summer, its real hot today here.