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Phobia Of Semen - OCD

Ok, I am quite embarassed about this but as no one really knows my identity I feel that I can ask advice online.

I'm 15 and I have had a phobia of semen for just over a year now. Basically, I find it hard to touch my lower body area when I go to the toilet incase there is any traces of semen on it and if I do touch it, I have to keep washing my hands over and over to make sure that it's definately not on my hands.

It started when I had my first wet dream and ever snice I have a fear that there is semen there even if I have washed loads of times I still think its there. I'm still having these wet dreams and therefore I don't think my problem is getting any easier. I always think that there is still semen down there even if I have washed it about 1000 times.

What makes it worse is that when I wash down there with my hand I have to keep wshing my hands with soap incase there is any trace of it on my hand.

Another weird thing is I think semen is on part of my hand if it feels cold comapred to the rest of my hand because I think that part may have touched some semen.

I really, really want to get help as this is taking over my life but I'm way to embarassed to tell my parents and it doesn't help that I'm a shy person therefore would find it difficult to talk to a proffesional.

I hope you can help me with this problem that has been troubling me for over a year now.


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