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Re: Dana

Hi Dana,

I haven't posted for a while. I've been busy trying to find the right doctor, and looks like I finally found a neurologist that listens. Still no confirmed diagnosis yet.....he thinks it is ALS but is willing to look at PPS at least.

Good to know you are visiting family. Also glad that Kevin does so well in college. I returned to college at 38 when I had 2 kids and got my bachelors degree in plant science from UCDavis, and then a teaching credential. Sometimes I don't know how I did it as a single parent. But, I wanted to be a teacher more than anything. I miss it a lot, but sure don't miss all the grading.

I am shocked that the airlines made you take off your brace. Shame on them! I know it is important to keep all of us safe, but making a disabled person remove their brace is going WAY too far. I am afraid I would have filed a complaint, but that's just me.

You must be soooooo excited about your house. It's also terrific that there is a pool nearby. I scooter to a pool that is only 1.5 miles from my house. There are lovely gardens along the way so the ride is nice. I can scooter right up to the railing to the pool, so no walking at all. I love the water.....makes me feel free. I don't swim laps....haven't got the I strap a belly band on and do some "polar bear" crawls back and forth and some stretches. Feels great.

My legs are so weak that I even use the scooter in my house now. I hope to get a power chair some day, but right now I am going to be spending all my $$ on a stair lift. I am hoping it will be installed by the end of the month.

I wish you the very best moving into your new house. Being a homeowner is pretty terrific!