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Hi! Basically the scoop on me is that I was with my amazing man for 2years until just a few days ago we broke up. Well he broke it off with me. We had been going through a rough patch these last 3 weeks and I dont think it was me, it was him. He has had a lot of stress with his job, money issues, and me and him arguing a lot was an added stress to everything. But I kept nagging at him only because I felt that he was distancing himself from me. He wasnt wanting to hang out these past weekends because all he basically was doing was just hanging by himself at his apartment playing video games and such. Well ya know thats fine and all to have time to yourself..(it only happened one weekend) I just took it as he didnt want to be with me. I trusted him with everything, (thats not the case) and now I lost a good guy who just wanted his space and time. I was majorly clingy because we dont live together and I missed him a lot. He asked me like 3 times during the time we were together if I wanted to move in with him but everytime I said no because I was scared..I know I was being a baby. I have never felt this way about anyone and I am going kind of crazy because I am deeply in love with him. He hasnt called me and that is what hurts the most. We have broken up in the past over small things and he ended up calling me the next day to say sorry since it was in the heat of the moment, but this is it for us since he has not called. I just need some words of encouragement from any of ya'll..I am feeling a bit lost and I miss him like crazy! I know some of yall have gone through this, what did you do to compose yourself? Thanks a bunch

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