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Re: Brokenheart

Being clingy/needy is a total turn-off to most men. That being said, it is completely natural to act that way when someone distances themselves from you. Now that you realize what you have done, you need to back off. Maybe send him a text or call and let him know you realize he needs his space and you're backing off. I, however, would just back off with no explanation. He will get it. And then he will call you and want you back. There's a really good book that helped me with things like this I would highly recommend. It's called, "Why Men Love B*tches". It's comical, but is most helpful. Try to do things to get your mind off him and stop feeling guilty! Get the book and forget about him until he starts wondering what you're doing (since now he's so used to your being clingy) and he'll be back in no time.