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Man wanting to take on the female role ...

I'm posting this for my best friend who has little to no knowldege of chatting in chatrooms etc etc... and shes found conversations her husband had left up obviously by mistake.... and she is beside herself to say the least. Brief overview: Married 35 years... 2 children.. he travels constantly for work... they have an "ok" sex life according to her, a real "mans" man type. She walked into his office this week when he ran out to the store, and saw on the computer a chat that was with a man. The chat referenced sexual things that were very explicit about meeting.. oral sex.. etc... and then one of the passages was about her husband wanting to dress up as a female and taking on the feminine and submissive role. Shes freaking out of course.... and wants to know why her husband wants to be essentially the "woman" sexually with a man... heels, wig and all. Apparently from what shes described their was another chat window open where he was trying to meet a woman while traveling and talking about meeting for sex. Obviously hes a cheat or trying to be but shes nuts about this wanting to know why he wants to be the "woman" man. I have ZERO clue on why he wants to do this. She also said that in the chat with the woman he wanted to be submissive to the woman and asked her to dominate him with (something I won't mention on here") and he wanted to wear something "frilly" for her..he was very submissive.She copied and saved the chats.. printed them out.. I read them and I'm at a loss .. this guy is the last guy you'd think would want to do this. He's obviously not gay because of his trying to pick up women. Bi or bi curious.. maybe... According to his wife he will make "gay slur" types of cracks also. Shes out of her mind about this and I have no answers to this about him wanting to be the female role with both men and woman.... Anyone have a clue??? She wants to find out more about that part of it before she hits him with the cheating part in general.

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