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Rapid increase in heart rate and shortness of breath when climbing stairs

Hi .
I am a 32 year old woman, skiny. I think I was on my best fitness, at age 30, just before getting pregnant. My exercises before pregnancy included also climbing 3 times a day 7 floors in stairs during my work day.
Since my baby was born (1 year and 4 months ago) I could never really come back to exercise regurlaly as before. To compensate it I am trying to do get back on doing at least the stairs exercises. But when I do it, I feel short of breath and my heart rate increases just in the first floors. When I get to the 7th floor my heart rate reaches 188 bpm. The full climbing takes around 5 minutes or less. In the past, even when I believed myself fit, I felt short of breath only in the upper floors, but had the same fast heart rate at the rate at the end of the exercise. I would not worry about that as I never had any symptom of heart dsease and no one in my family died sudenly in young age. My father had circulatory problems but they started only after he was 60. Both my parents have high blood pressure, but so far I have normal or low. So why I am writing here? Two of my friends that climbed with me said that 180+ is too much, that, maybe I should check it. Is there anything I should be worried about? I don't have much time to go to doctors if it is not really necessary and I would be a little embarassed to come if I don't have and never had any symptom of heart disease. So I just hope you will tell me that my friends are exagerating and there is a normal explanation for this.
Thanks a lot.

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