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Re: Rapid increase in heart rate and shortness of breath when climbing stairs

Hi aether4.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I cehcked the numbers and maybe I did something wrong. I got 92 and 88 for resting rate (I mesuared twice cause I thought it was wrong) and then 100 in the first minute and 5th minute standing (I was curious and measured also in the 4th minute and I got 108 or 104). But many times I measure my heart rate while siting and it ranges from 60 to 84. Yesterday almost all the times I measured it was around 72. How come my heart beats faster when I am laying than when I am sitting? Today I am a little sick, some virus that dries my throat, makes me cough, change my voice and give me some quite insignifcant pain in my left back and in my left chest. I don't have fever and I don't have shortness of breath (I suppose I would have if I run or do some sport, but nothing out of normal ). When I lay down I feel some discomfort. It is not shortness of breath but I feel that sometimes I need to open my mouse to get more air as what I get from my nose doesn't seem enough and then I start breathing more concenrated and heavily. I think it is psicologycal, if I don't pay attention in my breath I don't hink I am out of breath. Do you think my strange resting heart rate may be due to this virus or some kind of anxiety while taking the measures?
Thanks again.