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Re: End Stage Pancreatic cancer, What to expect

My dad was dx at the end of May. We suspect he may pass tomorrow or the following day. I can tell you this disease spreads rapidly. I live in CA, but have been coming to AZ every week, my sister lives here and my brother moved here on a temp basis to care for my dad. Use this time to capture as many memories you can. We have all also gone over old times, shared funny stories, gone through pictures, had deep talks, and have made a ton of memories thoughout this journey. Even now, as he is bed ridden we can still get smiles out of him and a laugh every now and there. It only gets harder but with your support it will make it so much easier.

I am dreading the next few days as I am going to miss my father so much, however, I also do not want to see him suffer any longer.

You both are in my thoughts, this is a tough road to be on....

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