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Re: Heart problems with CFS

I've also had heart palpitations. They started about a year after I had suspected EBV and almost six years before I got CFS. Like lojo222 says, they can be controlled by keeping calm when they start. I have far less of them now.

If you've had cardiologists find nothing wrong, I would guess that your palpitations and pain are anxiety/stress related. This is good news - if you can control the causes or control your anxiety when the first palpitation happens, they will disappear far quicker.

As for whether it is related to CFS... difficult to say. CFS seems to manifest itself differently in different people and I've always been a believer that we're not all suffering from the one illness, ie. 'CFS', but a collection of different symptoms that haven't been properly diagnosed (or understood) and are so labelled as having 'CFS'.