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Re: End Stage Pancreatic cancer, What to expect

Yes you are right, you do have the blessing of time. My dad actually said the same thing to me, though this is hard..he said it makes him so happy that we are spending so much time together and can make more memories etc. Like he said, either way death is not easy so at least we do have the time. My father has not been in too much pain either, thank God. He has been uncomfortable with gas pains but the percoset helps that. His main complaint has been the need to go to the bathroom a lot and the terrible weakness. Pretty much right after his DX he was confined to the couch and took him a lot to walk. Your father will definately need someone to assist 24/7 as time moves on, assistance in making meals, getting up, etc. My brother is helping my father off the toilet at this point.

I have been lucky enough to fly out every week as I live in CA and Dad is in AZ. Not everyone is so lucky to be able to do this due to distance, etc. However, if your family plans on going at the end, please do know there may be little communication from him at that time. If your family wants to build more memories etc, I would suggest them flying out when he is in a more healthy state. Also, I have found it hard to predict when the end is actually near (within a week). There have been two times prior to this that I thought it was the end, yet it wasnt. Now I am pretty sure it is very soon, though again I could be wrong. It is amazing how strong the human body actually is...Typically they say however that the patient knows when the end is near and may express that. I hope this info helps you some on your journey..

Good luck to you and write any time.

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