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Feeling weird/strange in body and mind!!

Hi everyone,
Just to elaborate on part of my postings, something I just don't understand, but which has only happened since I have been in the menopause.
Usually in the mornings, but can happen at any time, I just feel really strange and weird in body and mind. I have told umpteen doctors about this, including a psychiatrist, and all I can get out of them is "define 'weird' to me". Well, I can't can I, that's why it is weird!!!!
They keep telling me it's all part of anxiety and depression, but I know only too well the symptoms that these cause, but the weird symptoms are very different, and as above, only began in the meno, but can I get any of the medical lot to believe me??!! It's like banging my head on a brick wall. Luckily (well, not lucky for her) I have a close friend who says she gets these odd feelings too and she is also going through a pretty horrible menopause.
I'm sure I read somewhere on these posts that there is a reason why we feel weird like this in body and mind, and I sure wish someone would explain it to me. If I understood it and why it happens, I may be able to cope with it better!
Any ideas/similar feelings anyone out there?

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