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Re: HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, please explain???

My sister was diagnosed with Lupus about 5 years ago and is now in full remission after taking Plaquenil. She does however need to keep taking it as maintenance in order to keep it dormant. I was recently prescribed Plaquenil for my RA because I have so many side affects from the chemo drugs for RA. I can really tell it helps the joint pain and my overall feeling. I also have Lichen Planus, an auto immunne skin disorder. I am really not sure if this is another side affect of Orencia or just another parallel disease to my auto immune problems. Either way, Plaquenil is suppose to help it too. From what I've read and heard over the years, RA and Lupus can sometimes be hard to diagnose. Its good your doctor has put you on Plaquenil now to head off any future problems if you do have Lupus.