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Re: What Emotions are you dealing with?

Originally Posted by SHANTACLARE61 View Post
How do I describe the feeling of having researched Bethlem for a year and half and then the docs tell me It's possible that I actually have FSHD?

Maybe I should have started a new thread. But here goes anyway.

We finally had the appt. for my 10 yr. old son. And the pediatric neurologist thinks he shows more of the signs of FSHD, so they took blood from us both. and now we wait.
Well I got a message from my doctor yesterday-----the blood tests were normal----not fshd.
Well, I guess it's back to the Bethlem dx. My doctor did say that we could start genetic testing. I will be able to talk with him more about that at my next appt. in Sept.
How am I feeling?

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