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Re: Heart problems with CFS

Hi there! Yes, one year into my mystery illness I started having chest pain. It would come and go and I didn't want to be making a big deal about everything so I just ignored it. One day though I happened to have one of my falling down dizzy days as well as the chest pain. So I went to the ER. Spent 2 days in the hospital. Had an echocardiogram and my cardiologist says I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. But it is very common and most people have no symptoms. He put me on Topral? ANd I have been on it every since. I THINK I get dizzier without it. I still get the chest pain but he told me not to worry MVP can't kill you. So to just relax when it starts in.
I am supposed to have a stress test but my Infectious Disease doc who treats my CFIDS doesn't want me to do it. I suppose he would fall over if he knew I was doing PT 3 x week for my neck and spine!!

To answer your thoughts though I don't know if it's related the heart and CFS but many suffer chest painns. Same as thyroid problems. If it ever really gets bad I don't care what your dr says go to the ER It could be very dangerous.

God Bless