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Re: what is the age for getting throat cancer

First of all are you a smoker? A drinker? Those are risk factors for throat cancer.
Are you hoarse? Have sore throats? Swelling in the neck? Cough? Coughing up blood? Abnormal breathing sounds? These are some of the symptoms.

My brother n law had throat cancer,he was in his mid to late 50's and a smoker. He was also a recovered alchoholic and dry for a good 10 years prior to diagnosis.
His symptoms were present for years but they didn't realize it was throat cancer till he developed a knot on his neck that grew and grew. The symptoms he experienced for years was frequent sore throats. He would have a sore throat one day and be fine the next, then have a sore throat again. He was also tired a lot. There are more than one type of throat cancer and the type he had was the more deadly one. He lost his battle a little over 3 years ago.

Have you had your thyroid checked? Thyroid problems can cause throat pain and trouble breathing. Being pregnant can add to thyroid problems already present or cause them to surface.

Keep us posted. I hope all is well.