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I called the Neurology Clinic at the VA this morning. They couldn't track down the Neuro Resident who I usually deal with because it wasn't his day to do clinic at the VA so instead they had the Chief Neuro Resident call me back. We talked for a while and he said that based on just talking to me on the phone and looking over my ER records from everything else that has been going on he couldn't say if I had a seizure or not. He told me to just wait and see if I have another one. I told him that I'm moving back to the dorms Monday morning (not far away or anything-- still close to the VA medical center) and that I am concerned about having a seizure at school. He said there is really no way of predicting whether it will happen again or not without doing a lot of testing.
My sister is assistant director of a camp for children and young adults with disabilities and she has a lot of experience with and training on seizures. She told me that if I am in class and I feel like I did before I went to bed the other night then I need to leave class and go sit somewhere where I will not hit my head if I fall. She thinks I should tell my professors that this may happen. I'm concerned about telling them because I go to a smallish private college and I do dorm and I am afraid that they may consider me a liability and kick me out of the dorms. Have any of you been in that type of situation?