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Re: Question about labor

I had my first 2 delivered naturally and I was able to deal with that..with my third my water broke and they gave me some pectocin ( sp?) because my labor was too gave me the worst pain I really couldn't handle it ...the nurse said the diff has to do with my age...with my first two I was in my early twenties , with my third I was 37,,she said that after 35 our body does not tolerate pain as when we are I m preg with my 4th at 40 y and honestly I will try not to get any medication unless there is an emergency....but keep in mind that labor is diff from one person to another, I get so jaleous of those painnless birth stories ....hopefully you'l be one of them
my best advice to you is to enjoy whats left of your preg....once your precious one is in your hands you'll forget completely about what happened during labor.
Best of luck to all preg mommies !!!!