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Re: Rapid increase in heart rate and shortness of breath when climbing stairs

Hi All.

Thank you all for your answers. For those who have similar symptoms, I found 2 possible diagnosis that I will discuss with my doctor on tuesday. The good news is that both of them can cause tachycardia on exercise, but are not life threatening, although they are quite annoying. They are related to other symptoms that I have.

About the virus, yes I agree that my heart is exagerating a little because of the virus. You won't believe what happend this week. The bad news is that I felt so bad on monday that the nurses at work sent me to the emergency room. The good news is that in the hospital they did a complete blood count, an E.K.G and a radiography of my chest and found nothing. 2 more blood tests will come to my doc till tuesday: electrolytes and Thyroid. So I started to believe that maybe I don't have a heart problem after all and all the things I feel may be explained by one of the 2 conditions above or just by some "panic attack" caused by stress combined with a virus.
For those that like details, here is what happened:

On monday I woke up feeling that my body was weak. Then I checked the changes in my heart in the first minute and I was a little terrified. Yet I decided to come to work and check excatly how long it takes to reach the seven floor. I went up slowly not to overvcharge my weakened body and it I was surprised that it took only 1 minute. In this minute my heart jumped from 100 bpm to 220 bpm! I was terrified. When I am not with a virus and do it fast it reaches 188 bpm.
So I went to the nurses and checked the changes in my heart from sitting and standing. It was normal. Yet I came back to my cubic and couldn't work. Every little step I made that day made me feel my heart beat faster and my body weak. I couldn't think about anything else. I tried lying down and I still felt my heart beatting agressively. Then my hands started to sweat a lot (I have this sometimes) and I started to feel numbness. Then I asked for help and they decided to take me to the emergency. They told me I was really pale. That day even when I was out the hospital and tried to sleep I couldn't because I was allways feeling my heart beating so strongly. With heart problem or not, I know I was really stressed. I don't know if the stress caused the heart beats or if the heart beats caused the stress . In the hospital letter they recommended me to see a cardiologist in case I have an episode like this again. I am still sick (almost a week!). And before I gave birth, I was one of those people that never get phisically sick (I have depression sometimes). This week I had many different symptoms, including gastrointestinal ones. My cough is really worse and disturb mine and my husband's sleep. My body is still weak when I do some effort. The heart is calmer. Frankly I think people can get sick from stress. Lots of work at work and at home, no time to sleep, exercise and eat well. I think that's what's happening to me. Unless we find something else related to the remaining blood exams or the 2 conditions above. Anyway I feel that everything is gonna turn out just fine. Either way I don't feel I have some life threatening problem, I just need to take a little more care about my health. Hope these details help someone in a similar situation. Sorry for the big letter.

Wishing a good health to everyone!

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