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Re: Question about labor

I was induce with Ds but I have never just went into labor so I have nothing to compare it to. But with DS I went in at like 6am but 7am I was hooked up and the poticin was going slow. My contractions started out mild I spent most of the morning watching the machine to see when I had a contractions (I was facinated SP?) They came in ever so often checked everything and turned it up some they did start getting bad but I have no clue of what time it was because I wanted it dark in the room the lights was driving me crazy and giving me a headache. The straps they put around me said my contractions was regular but wasn't very strong so they kept turning it up they broke my water to speed things up but the monitor on DS's head to and that is when my contractions started getting major they was like ever 1min apart and lasting almost a min. but I was only dilated to a 3.5 with all that and I know at that time it was close to midnight because they said 3.5 will have to do that I could get an epidural that they usually wait til someone is atleast 4cm. But at 12:45 they took me to the OR for a c-section and I had DS at 1:05am.

The next day the dr. came in and said it was all my body because the meds worked just like they was suppose to that according to my contractions I should of been pushing around 10pm but was only 2.5cm dialated.

As far as the pain they was bad but so are labor pains. My brothers GF had a baby in April she was induced started at 7am I got there like at 4pm and she was sleeping with no epidural she said that the contractions wasn't bad at all.

Everyone has a different experience with labor so it's hard to go by what other people experience. Yours my be a breeze. I had heard so many horror stories when I went in I was terrified so I was really stressed my blood preasure was high all because I thought that everyone's labor was the same really painfull, scream, yell ,worse pain of your life,think your going to die,and now that I know it was non of that I was all stressed and tense for nothing and insted of enjoying the things going on I was a nervous wreck and putting me and DS at risk with my blood preasure being so high because once I realized that "hey this aint so bad" my blood preasure dropped back down to normal and I had a wonderful experience. So try and relax and don't stress about it.
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