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Re: no such thing as lymes disease in michigan

I'm amazed and disgusted at how many doctors don't test for lyme disease. I was lucky... the same day I got bit, while I was visiting a friend in Mass, and actually within minutes after being bit, I developed the bulls eye rash...I felt an hot burning/itching feeling and even saw the "trail" of the little tick that bit me. I have extreme sensitivities to bites.. esp spider bites which often give me cellulitis at the drop of a hat. I went to a Allergy specialist that same day as I wasn't sure if it was a spider bite, as it looked "odd" or not. This MD worked out of Mass General in the suburbs and the minute I went in he knew what it was and said that the "trail" was the saliva of the tick after he bit me and walked off. I was put on Doxy right away.. then retested 3 weeks later and clear. WHen I hear of years going by and Md after Md... not catching this I'm disgusted. Even if the rash doesn't show up... the symptoms should lead these guys to Lyme. This pain and suffering people are going through on these boards really makes me mad.

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