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Re: Rapid increase in heart rate and shortness of breath when climbing stairs

Hi All.

For those interested in possible diagnosis, look for information on dysautonomia and Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). I also read about your suggestions and Mitral Valve Prolapse seems a possible diagnosys. In this case, it is a heart problem, but most people who have it can leave normal lifes. The exams I did in the hospital would not point it. I would have to do an echocardiography. My doc mentioned something about it in case all my blood exams are ok. I will update you all once I talk to him on tuesday. Anyway, my advice to you all: here you can get ideas on what to talk to your doctors but you cannot have a diagnosys, so please if you think you may have some abnormal conditions, discuss it with your doc. It is better to prevent than to cure .

Thanks for your support.