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Re: Rapid increase in heart rate and shortness of breath when climbing stairs

Just in the last few weeks I have developed the shortness of breath with just doing the least little thing, walking across the parking lot to another building at work and back, I have to sit down. If I try and do a little house cleaning it happens again. I have also developed a cough. Thought it was from the BP meds but the ones I am on has no such side effect. I have only had the hight bp since May with changes in meds. The one I am on now I have to take twice a day(verapamil er 200 mg) and one Benicar 20 mg in between. My bp is now staying down and no spikes in a while but I am tired all the time. I was diagnosed with the Mitral Valve prolapse about 2 years ago. Could this be causing the shortness of breath and cough? The cough seems to be be ok as long as I am laying down but up moving around it starts and I do not have a cold. I have allergies but have never had a cough like this. The shortness of breath is my big concern. Being on 420 mg o bp meds has taken a toll on me. I am only 56, 125 weight and 5'. Other than thyroid(low) and allergies I have always been in good health. Any advise from anyone?